Clarify opportunity, focus resources, guide implementation and plan growth.

Strategic Business Development & Transitions
In business today, it is easy to be engulfed in a myriad of opportunities, activities and challenges that can distract us from achieving the real potential and opportunity that we have created in our business.

At SolutionStream Canada, our experienced team will help you get off the treadmill, clarify the real potential that exists in your business, build a plan to deliver that potential and guide you step by step to the future that you really want and deserve for your business.

  • Clarify opportunity, focus resources, guide implementation and plan growth
  • Sales engine optimization and strategic market development
  • Facilitate with business transitions, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions


We deliver the best solution to satisfy customer specific problems and build a loyal long term customer relationship.


Strategic Plan Development & Implementation
Strategic planning is critical to business success. Different from classic business planning, the strategic plan involves vision, mission, values and outside-of-the-box thinking. Strategic planning describes where you want your company to go and supports better day to day decisions of where you will invest your time, energy and resources to achieve the future that you want.

  • Clarify core values, vision, mission and future potential
  • Identify strategic goals/critical success factors and actions to deliver results
  • Clarify culture, identify gaps and reinforce right behaviours
  • Clarify your value proposition, target markets and ideal customer profile
  • Support plan implementation through coaching, tracking and feedback
  • Build high performance culture, focused team!

Sales Engine Optimization, Strategic Market Development
Not all customers and markets are created equal. There is a right market and ideal customer for the products and services that you offer. It all starts with clarity, understanding and tactical execution to deliver the best solution to satisfy customer specific problems and build a loyal long term customer relationship.

  • Clarify Value Proposition, communication and messaging
  • Clarify markets and ideal customer profile
  • Routes to market, channels and strategic partner identification
  • Market specific sales tactical planning
  • Sales skills development, strategic and solution selling
  • Sales tools, resources, promotions and incentives
  • Sales support systems development and implementation
  • Sales Coaching and development for success


The greatest challenge for many family owned or closely held businesses is who will succeed them and provide for a smooth transition of ownership and management.

The SolutionStream Canada team of experienced business executives and entrepreneurs can help:

  • Establish personal/business goals for current owners/leaders
  • Business valuation
  • Co-ordinate and Facilitate with your profession advisor team
  • Maximize and protect business value
  • Analyze strategic options
  • Develop capability of future leaders
  • Recruit as required
  • Build plan and develop information/documentation
  • Guide team through implementation
  • Track progress and help address performance gaps
  • Support effective transition