SolutionStream welcomes Cathy Schueler to their team

Moving from Good to Great
June 23, 2020
Wray Carvellas, partner with SolutionStream responsible for Business Leadership, Strategy Development, People Leadership and Empowering change through people.
Wray Carvelas joins SolutionStream as a partner
June 23, 2020

SolutionStream welcomes Cathy Schueler to their team

Solutionstream Canada Partner - Cathy Schueler

Cathy Schueler, partner with SolutionStream

Cathy Schueler
Growth Strategy, Sales Enablement, Client Retention & Loyalty

Cathy Schueler is an accomplished Senior Leader with a valuable skillset and a proven track record of helping organizations build a growth strategy that wins new business and drives revenue. She works passionately to ensure marketing, sales and client onboarding focus on delivering the best client experience possible. Cathy understands not only the need for comprehensive planning but also the importance of flawless execution to retain loyal clients. She is committed to continuous improvement facilitating and leading complex, multi-faceted organizational strategic initiatives that streamline operations, boost engagement of all stakeholders and generate results.

Cathy has a diverse background in marketing, sales, client services, operations, channel management, customer loyalty, performance improvement and communications. She has both designed and delivered complex and integrated marketing campaigns and go-to-market strategies, with expertise in experiential, events, promotional merchandise, advertising, retail point-of-purchase, direct marketing, digital and social media. She has extensive project management experience and understands the importance of the measurement of the effectiveness of integrated campaigns on which she has worked, including those but not limited to: Shoppers Drug Mart, HBC, Microsoft, Metro, HP, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Chrysler, and IBM.

Cathy is a valued contributor to any sales organization leveraging her marketing knowledge to act as a growth enabler improving win-rates, increasing average revenue of each sale and cross-selling to build integrated solutions to meet client’s business needs. She uses her expert communication skills to work with organizations to articulate their value proposition and win new business against the competition.  She has worked to improve sales forecasting accuracy, engaged sales teams – both direct and indirect sales channels – using best practices in communications and incentives to improve overall performance.