Nathan Miller joins SolutionStream as a Partner

Nathan Miller joins SolutionStream as a Partner

Nathan Miller, partner with SolutionStream responsible for Operational Excellence, Change Management, Project Management, Asset Management and Maintenance

Nathan Miller Solutionstream partner

Nathan Miller is a business and operations management consultant with a career built over 20+ years of working within customer service, operations, maintenance and project management capacities with various organizations. Nathan’s areas of experience are within Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement through Lean Management, Strategic Operations Planning & Change Management, Process Optimization, as well as Asset Reliability Management.

Nathan has worked in various work settings from small to medium, privately-owned companies as well as large, publicly-traded corporations within health-care, mining and mineral processing, pulp and paper, commercial and industrial construction, and skilled trades contractor services. He has served in many capacities from working on the frontline in operations and maintenance to senior roles in quality management, project management as well as operations & maintenance management.

Nathan’s passion for consulting is driven to assisting and supporting organizations in engaging their team to identify constraints and waste within their organization management processes and developing solutions to simplify and standardize work processes. His overall goal is to increase efficiencies in the organization’s productivity, adaptability, responsiveness and employee engagement to maximize the companies’ profits and deliver sustainable quality within the organizational matrix and the end-products or services with a customer and employee-centric focus.

Nathan holds an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Manufacturing.